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In the campaign to become more energy-efficient, great strides have been made for home improvements. New energy-efficient Energy Star-rated products and appliances have become very popular.

Some forms of energy-efficient home improvements haven’t become quite as popular yet but can go a long way to save money and energy. One of these home improvements are mist cooling systems.

What are mist cooling systems?

Mist cooling systems are a new energy-efficient method to cool your outdoor patios with pressurized water.

How do mist cooling systems work?

Mist cooling systems work with a system of pumps that pressurize water droplets. The droplets that are released by tiny nozzles are small enough that they evaporate almost immediately. The effect of the rapidly evaporating droplets creates a mist that can cool your outdoor patio up to 30 degrees.

The mist cooling system is typically hooked directly to your plumbing, but there are also smaller versions that fasten to your outdoor hose hookup.

If you have an outdoor patio or another outdoor area that you would like to use more often but cannot because the heat can be too intense, you should consider a mist cooling system. Especially if you have an unenclosed area, a larger outdoor patio, or the weather is particularly hot, fans are just not capable of cooling the area enough to make it comfortable.

You can safely and efficiently cool your outdoor area with a mist cooling system. The rate at which the water droplets evaporate not only significantly cools the area, but it does so in such a way that you and your surroundings will not get wet.

Mist cooling systems are also fairly low maintenance. Most systems recommend that you change a filter once per year after the usage season and a simple winterization process. Other than that, there is little to no maintenance.

Are mist cooling systems energy efficient?

Mist cooling systems do not use as much water as you might think. The highly pressurized pumps and nozzles are only allowing very tiny water droplets to be released into the environment. So it uses very little water to accomplish significant cooling.

The amount of water used for a mist cooling system will depend on the size of the area and the number of nozzles you need to adequately cool the area. Each nozzle uses approximately one gallon of water per hour. If you were running your mist cooling system for four hours and had fifteen nozzles on your system, you would be using about as much water as you do washing one load of laundry.

Mist cooling systems are an effective and refreshing way to cool your outdoor area without putting strain on your HVAC system. Especially in the hotter months, a fan just cannot cool some areas adequately enough to keep outdoor areas comfortable enough for use. Mist cooling systems not only provide a solution to this problem but do so using relatively little water and saving you money.

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