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Pre-Season Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning systems are regulated appliances, requiring expert maintenance to ensure your equipment is performing at its best year-round. Pre-season maintenance is a great way to protect your health, home, and investment properties.

Regular preventive maintenance, performed at least twice a year, can help your system keep up with seasonal temperature swings. Plus, it can increase HVAC performance and help you avoid costly emergency repairs—because no one wants to be left without heat in the middle of a snowstorm. While most newer heating systems require little maintenance, a quick tune-up can greatly extend the life of your HVAC equipment, ensuring it always runs at peak efficiency.

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Why Schedule Pre-Season Maintenance?

Great HVAC maintenance requires a fine balance between equipment, airflow, and mechanics. Performing pre-scheduled seasonal preventive maintenance on your air conditioning can help you avoid unexpected failures and extend the life of your HVAC equipment. Pre-season inspections help uncover leaks, rust, rot, damaged wires, and/or corroded electrical contacts. If left untreated, your HVAC system can lead to bigger equipment failures and costly repairs.

According to “Effective maintenance can reduce HVAC energy costs by 5 to 40 percent depending on the system or equipment involved.” – Building Efficiency Initiative

What's Included In A Pre-Season Maintenance Service?

While many air conditioning systems are the same, the way they get used are different. This means that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for what is included in a preseason inspection call.  The required job may vary greatly from contractor to contractor. Pre-packaged specials may not include all of the necessary maintenance solutions recommended by your system’s manufacturer(s). As a result, it’s important to understand the level of maintenance your system will be receiving, and the total cost for the job.

We provide a Depending on the agreement, your HVAC technician may perform a complete system check that includes inspection and necessary cleaning of HVAC equipment, parts and components. Be sure you understand what you are getting in your season maintenance package!

Air conditioning system maintenance may include:

  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Inspecting system controls
  • Cleaning and inspecting coils
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Replacing parts that are showing wear and tear
  • Cleaning or replacing filters
  • Cleaning and checking blowers and fans
  • Checking refrigerant and pressures
  • Verifying operating temperatures
  • Chemically clean indoor coil if accessible
  • Clean or replace the washable filter
  • Measure amps of the blower motor
  • Measure amps of heat kit
  • Tighten electrical connections at the air handler
  • Test capacitor at the air handler
  • Clean primary drain pan
  • Clean secondary drain pan
  • Vacuum condensate line
  • Measure amps of low voltage input
  • Add an anti-algae tablet
  • Test run and start capacitor at condensor
  • Measure compressor amps
  • Measure fan motor ampere
  • Clean outdoor coil
  • Measure voltage to condenser
  • Tighten electrical connections on condenser
  • Check refrigerant operating pressures
  • Test thermostat
  • Measure voltage at disconnects
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